The Circus

The Circus

BOSWELL: 8 April 2013

Hello friends of Vivienne!

I am BOSWELL.  I came to live in Gainsborough's house on 2nd March 2013 and very comfortable it is too.  Only problem at the moment is the mistress:  she goes up the wall,  acts like a mad woman the minute I get my claws into those lovely upholstered chairs of hers.  Apart from that she's OK and she's proving reasonably trainable in terms of learning to live together to my satisfaction.

Some of her friends came to coffee last week, all simpering at me, smiling and clicking their fingers.   One brought me a pink mouse and another, who  called himself DR JOHNSON, swore that he knew me from the Old Days! I wondered what he meant.  Turns out he meant the 18th C, but he didn't look that old.  He brought me a delicious little mouse filled with catnip. .  I had hoped to eat it but although it smells nice, it tastes funny.  Gives me a kick to punch it about the room.

A friend of the mistress name of Reg took these portraits of me and her son in Australia put them up here for you to see.  I'll be keeping you up to date about my life in The Circus from time to time.  Meanwhile, I'm off for a sleep in the bathroom:  there's a place on the carpet under the heated towel rail I've taken a liking to, just the place for nap before supper.