The Circus

The Circus

P. 186

21st C

One of the silliest ideas I have heard for a long time is the current proposal put forward for discussion at the forthcoming AGM of the Circus Area Residents' Association to be held in May. The proposal is to place a monument on the Circus Green (see picture above) to commemorate John Woods, Senior and Junior.

For heaven's sake! All you have to do is look around you! The Circus in its full architectural glory stands there as a permanent memorial to these inspired men.

Instead of a useless piece of stone or whatever stuck in the middle of the Circus (under the trees and on top of a water cistern buried beneath them) I propose the reinstatement of lighting in the form of the iron lantern overthrow designed to illuminate each entrance to each building. There is one original still in place to be admired. Overthrows have been restored to each house in Landsdown Crescent and look wonderful.

Finance will be the stumbling block but might, I believe, be overcome with the aid of European and British heritage funds, while many residents of The Circus might be willing to make donations. I have rarely been so incensed by so senseless a suggestion as I am about this superfluous memorial.