The Circus

The Circus


21st C

They say if you want to get anything done, contact your member of parliament, especially if he or she happens to be in power at the time. This is certainly true of my local MP, Don Foster, who is unfailingly supportive whenever I request assistance.

My latest concern is, not for the first time I might add, lack of seating in public places for those who, like me, older people, mothers with young children, need a place to rest weary legs.

Bath's only Waitrose supermarket in the city is enlarging its premises and the whole area previously containing individual stores, coffee shops and restaurants was vacated overnight after Christmas.

As a rsult in the whole deserted area there are no chairs or tables which previously offered seating and refreshment for the elderly or disabled. Only one park-like bench capable of accommodating three smallish people at most remains in this empty echoing space.

The supermarket itself is so limited in size it has always been a problem to move a trolley through its cramped and crowded aisles. One backless form situated next to the exit is the only seating available in store.

So, my campaign is for provision of temporary seating in the main entrance of the building to be used throughout the twelve month rebuilding project which involves major changes to the interior, including relocating the escalator.

Don foster has kindly taken up the cause and with his help and, I hope, the assistance of Bath Branch Manager, Nigel Huxley and the Managing Director of Waitrose, Mark Price, we might see some seating appear shortly. So far Don Foster has replied to my letter but I have heard nothing from Messrs Huxley and Price.