The Circus

The Circus

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21st C

Reading the latest edition of the Bath Chronicle I loved this headline:


20 MONTH OLD CHILD NEEDED HELP FROM THE FIRE BRIGADE AFTER HE GOT A CAKE TIN STUCK AROUND HIS NECK. Avon Fire and Rescue were called to St Saviours Road in Larkhall last week. The boy had been playing with the tin, putting it on his head, when the removeable bottom came free and the circular tin became stuck around his neck. Firefighters had to use small cutting equipment to free the tin. "

I had a delightful short break in Weymouth last week as far as sunny weather is concerned but oh the hotel room! The size of a dog-kennel. I have never before seen such a tiny space in any hotel. I had paid a supplement for a sea view but the window was a narrow slit so high up in the wall you had to stand up to see out of it. Made a fuss and the duty manager handled the situation with tact. In spite of claiming that the hotel was fully booked (it was) he managed to locate an adequate double room with an excellent sea view for me in the sister hotel attached.

Weymouth old town harbour and seaside is delightful, but the hotels I have experienced are awful. With such a pretty unspoilt esplanade with enticing sea views it is such a pity no-one has yet opened a hotel on the front worthy of the town.